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Submaster bump buttons on Express consoles

A bump button is located immediately below each submaster slider. The bump button’s function depends on its status (see below) and on whether the submaster has a programmed fade. If the submaster does not have a programmed fade, the bump button allows you to bring up the submaster’s contents on stage instantly. Press the bump button to raise the submaster to its full recorded level. Hold the button to maintain the levels on stage. Release the button to remove the submaster’s levels.

If the submaster has a programmed fade, the bump button allows you to start the fade, or to reverse the direction of an ongoing fade. Press the bump button to start the upfade. Press the button again to interrupt the upfade and start the downfade.

Bump button status

Submaster bump buttons may be individually enabled, disabled or placed in Solo mode. An enabled bump button functions normally, a disabled button doesn’t function at all, and a button in Solo mode brings its channels to their recorded level and reduces all other channels to zero.

If a submaster’s bump button is disabled or in Solo mode a D or an S appears next to the submaster’s number on the Playback Submaster List and the Status Bar.

To set a bump button’s status, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Blind]. Selects Blind display mode
2. Press [Sub] [5]. Selects submaster 5
3. Press [S7], More Softkeys, [S1], Bump Status. Prompt reads:
Select bump status and press ENTER 
(1 = enabled, 2 = disabled, 3 = solo)
4. Press [2]. Selects disabled. The keypad corner indicates the choice you have made
5. Press [Enter]. Submaster 5’s bump button is disabled

Bump LEDs

Each submaster bump button contains an LED. The state of the LED indicates the current state of that submaster, as shown in the chart below:

Color State Meaning
––– Off Submaster not loaded.
Green Solid Submaster loaded.
Green Slow Blink New submaster. Loads when slider reaches home position.
Green Fast Blink Submaster on timed hold. Press bump button to begin downfade.

If the LED on a slider is blinking slowly, it means that you have changed pages and a new submaster is waiting to load. The old submaster stays loaded until you move the slider to the home position. When the slider reaches home, the channel levels from the new page replace the old levels.

Note-Icon-new.png Note: If a submaster slider has both a submaster loading and a submaster on hold, the submaster on hold takes priority and the LED blinks fast. Press the bump button to downfade the old submaster.
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