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Submaster types on Express consoles

Submasters can be pile-on, inhibitive or effect.

Pile-on submaster

A pile-on submaster consists of channels recorded at proportional levels. If a pile-on submaster’s channel levels are higher than established channel levels, the submaster’s levels take precedence (except as noted below). If they are lower, the established levels take precedence. If a submaster slider contains a recorded pile-on submaster, the LED glows.

Note-Icon-new.png Note: Channel levels set on the keypad and inhibitive submasters both override pile-on submaster levels.

Inhibitive submaster

An inhibitive submaster holds the output of channels below a specified level. An inhibitive submaster doesn’t actually set channel levels, it just prevents them from exceeding a specified level. All Express submasters may be inhibitive. If a submaster slider contains a recorded inhibitive submaster, the LED glows.

Effect submaster

An effect submaster has an effect recorded in it. Press an effect submaster’s bump button or move its slider to start the effect running. See Effects Submastersfor more information on effect submasters. Any submaster may be programmed with an effect. If a submaster slider contains a recorded effect submaster, the LED glows.

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