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Using a Link in Express

Once you have linked the color control channels for the two color scrollers, the console allows you to control them simultaneously on the trackpad. If you move in just the X or Y direction only, the color will change only on the corresponding scroller.

To control the scrollers, follow these steps:

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage display
2. Press [1]. Selects channel 1. Channel number is gold, signifying that it is assigned to the X list. Through the link, selects channel 11. Channel number is yellow, signifying that it is assigned to the Y list
3. Place your finger in the lower left corner of the trackpad and slowly move it toward the upper right corner. The levels on both channels rise together, each controlled by an axis of the trackpad. As they do, the colors change on the color scrollers, corresponding to the levels. Both axis’ levels are displayed in the prompt corner
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