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Using the Only command with Express consoles

Only is a particularly powerful console command. Use Only to restrict a selection while programming or creating a look on stage.

When working with fixtures

Use Only to restrict the selection of fixture attributes by category, such as when you are creating or modifying a cue, submaster, group or focus point. For example, press [S8], Fixture, [8] [S4], Only, [Position] to place the pan and tilt attributes on the trackpad.

When updating

Following is a list of things you can select when using Only after the Update command in Stage. If you make selections and change your mind, press [Channel] [0] to reselect all non-zero channels.

Channels Example: Press [S4], Only, [Channel] [1] [Thru] [5].
Fixtures Example: Press [S4], Only, [S8], Fixture, [1] [And] [2].
Fixture attributes Example: Pressing [S8], Fixture, [1] [S4], Only, [S6], Attribute, [6] selects attribute 6 of fixture 1.
Fixture categories Example: Pressing [S8], Fixture, [1] [S4], Only, [Beam] selects all attributes in the Beam cate- gory for fixture 1.
Cues Example: Pressing [S4], Only, [Cue] [5] selects all channels in cue 5 (not for effect cues).
Submasters Example: Pressing [S4], Only, [Sub] [6] selects all channels in submaster 6 (not for effect submasters).
Groups Example: Pressing [S4], Only, [Group] [7] selects all channels in Group 7.
Focus Points Example: Pressing [S4], Only, [Focus Point] [8] selects all channels in Focus Point 8.

When recalling channels

Use to restrict a selection from among the channels, fixtures and attributes on stage.

The use of Only after the Update command is illustrated with the following examples:

  • Press [Group] [1] [S4], Only, [Channel] [5] [Thru] [1][0] to select channels in group 1 that lie in the range 5 through 10.
  • Press [Group] [1] [S4], Only, [Cue] [6] to select channels in Group 1 that are also in cue 6.
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