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Using cues and submasters with groups on Express consoles

You may treat channels recorded in a cue or submaster as if they were in a group, such as to bring them up in Stage or record them into other cues or submasters.

For example, follow this procedure to bring up a cue in Stage as a group:

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage display mode
2. Press [Group]. Tells the console to treat the next entry as a group Prompt reads:
Group mode – Select group number to use as group
3. Press [Cue] and enter the number of the cue you want to bring up.a Prompt reads:
Group mode – Select cue number to use as group
4. Press [At] and enter the level at which you wish to bring up the cue. (Or press [Full]) The cue’s channels are brought up on stage at the specified level Prompt reads: Group mode – Enter intensity

To use a submaster as a group, follow the same procedure, but press [Sub] instead of [Cue] in step 3.
63 You may not use this procedure to group the channels in a cue part, an effect cue or an effect submaster.

Modifying cues or submasters

You can also use groups to modify cues or submasters.

In the illustration below, a submaster is modified by a group. If any of this group’s channels are already in the submaster, the levels of those channels are modified to match the levels in the group. If the group has channels not already in the submaster, those are added to the submaster.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Blind]. Selects Blind display mode
2. Press [Sub] [2]. Prompt reads:
Select submaster number
To select submaster type, press TYPE
3. Press [Group] [3] Selects group 3’s channels Prompt reads:
Group mode –To recall a group, select the number and set to a level To create or modify a group, select the number and press ENTER
4. Press [At] [5][0]. Group’s channels are set proportionally to 50%
Prompt reads:
Group mode – Enter intensity
5. Press [Record]. Prompt reads:
To record submaster, press BUMP or select number and press ENTER To cancel, press clear
6. Press [Enter] to re-record the modified submaster. Records submaster 2 as modified by group 3’s channels
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