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Using thinnet with Older Express Consoles

Older model Express consoles supported thinnet as well as twisted pair wiring for networking. The thinnet option is no longer available for Express consoles or Express Lighting Playback Controllers. If you are using one of those older models and wiring with thinnet, however, follow the instructions below.

Network wiring

Your console may be connected to the network using either thinnet (BNC) or twisted pair (RJ45) wiring. If operating with an ETCNet2 device, you must connect to it using twisted pair wiring. That means that if you are running a network cable from the console directly to the ETCNet2 device, it must be a twisted pair cable connected to the console’s RJ45 port. If you are connecting the console to a hub however, and the hub supports thinnet, you may run thinnet cable between the console and the hub.

Cabling to any other device from the hub may be by whatever means the hub and other devices support.

RIU jumpers

Install jumpers 1 through 6. Be certain jumpers 7 through 12 are not installed.

RVI DIP switch settings

Set all six switches of the DIP closest to the front of the RVI to the On position (down). Set all six switches of the DIP closest to the back of the RVI to the Off position (up).

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