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Expression 1 to 2 Show Upgrade Software

Expression 1 to 2 and Express 1 to 2 software allows you to convert shows created on the original Expression, Concept, Insight, and Impression consoles running software versions 1.7 or newer into a format compatible with ETC's newer Expression 2/Expression 3* or Express line of consoles.

Be aware that there are two versions of the 122 software: Expression 122 and Express 122. These are not compatible with each other--make sure you are using the correct version of software.*

The Expression 122 software will run on any Expression 2 or 3 line console, including the Insight 2/2x, Impression 2, Concept 2x, and Insight 3, as well as ARRI Equivalents.

Expression 122 -- Rename this file "run.bin" when saving to diskette
Express 122 -- Rename this file "run.bin" when saving to diskette

The conversion process transfers the following elements of the old show:

  • Number of dimmers
  • Number of channels
  • Patch
  • Basic cues (crossfades, allfades)
  • Multipart cues
  • Groups
  • Show name

Currently, the conversion process does not transfer the following elements of the old show:

  • Macros
  • Effects
  • Subroutines
  • Submasters

To convert a show, follow these steps:

  1. Turn your Expression 2, Expression 3 or Express console off.
  2. Insert the Expression 122 or Express 122 disk in the console's diskette drive.
  3. Turn the console on. "Loading" appears while the program loads, then the Expression 122/Express 122 Conversion Program display appears. The prompt reads: "Insert Expression 1 Show Disk and press S1".
  4. Eject the Expression/Express 122 disk.
  5. Insert the Double Density (DD) Expression show disk that contains the show you wish to convert into the console's diskette drive.
  6. Press [S1], Load Show Disk. The display lists the shows recorded on the disk. Up to two shows may be recorded on the disk. The prompt reads: "Select Show To Load".
  7. Press [S1], Load Show 1, to load the first show on the disk, or press [S2], Load Show 2, to load the second show on the disk. "Please Stand By" appears while the show loads.
  8. Remove the old show disk. The prompt reads: "Insert Expression/Express 2 Blank Disk and press S1".
  9. Insert a blank, formatted High Density (HD) diskette in the console's diskette drive.
  10. Press [S1], Store Show. The show is converted and recorded onto the blank disk.

To work with the new show on your console, turn the console off and back on, reloading the console operating software. From the Diskette Options menu, read the converted show into the console, as described in the console User Manual. Test the show thoroughly to confirm the conversion.

Expression and Express 1 to 2 Showfile Conversion ZIP

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