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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ARRI Consoles

ETC sold consoles to ARRI (GB) who then rebranded the units with their own logos and renamed. Below is a table correlating the ARRI names to the ETC names. Functionally the consoles are almost identical and you should refer to the relevant ETC product page and user manuals. As a side note, ARRI (GB) was eventually sold to ETC and ETC Europe was born in 1995. Today it is known as ETC Ltd.

The units are 'almost' the same but many of the ARRI consoles had a small effects PCB built into the left side of the facepanel.

ARRI Model ETC Model Offline Editor
Imagine 1, Imagine 2 (500ch) Concept ETCEdit
Imagine 1, Imagine 2 (250ch) Expression ETCEdit
Impulse 1, 2 (108ch) Insight ETCEdit
Mirage (75 or 125ch) MicroVision FX ETCEdit
Imagine 3 (1200ch) Concept 2x Expression Offline
Imagine 3 (600ch) Expression 2x Expression Offline
Finesse (300ch) Impression 2 Expression Offline
Focus (108ch) Insight 2 Expression Offline
Reflexion Reflection N/A
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