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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ARRI Consoles

ETC sold consoles to ARRI (GB) who then rebranded the units with their own logos and renamed. Below is a table correlating the ARRI names to the ETC names. Functionally the consoles are almost identical and you should refer to the relevant ETC product page and user manuals. As a side note, ARRI (GB) was eventualy sold to ETC and ETC Europe was born.

The units are 'almost' the same but many of the ARRI consoles had a small effects PCB built into the left side of the facepanel.

ARRI Model ETC Model Offline Editor
Imagine 1, Imagine 2 (500ch) Concept ETCEdit
Imagine 1, Imagine 2 (250ch) Expression ETCEdit
Impulse 1, 2 (108ch) Insight ETCEdit
Mirage (75 or 125ch) MicroVision FX ETCEdit
Imagine 3 (1200ch) Concept 2x Expression Offline
Imagine 3 (600ch) Expression 2x Expression Offline
Finesse (300ch) Impression 2 Expression Offline
Focus (108ch) Insight 2 Expression Offline
Reflexion Reflection N/A
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