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Remote Focus Unit (RFU) Stuck on "Waiting For Communication"


Plugged the Remote Focus Unit (RFU) into my Express/Expression/Insight console and it is stuck saying "Waiting for Communication." 


This indicates that you are properly powered on but the RFU is having trouble communicating with the console.  Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.


  1. Press and hold numbers 7, 8, and 9 on the RFU and turn it on.  On the resulting setting menu, confirm that the RFU ID is set to "01" and Multidrop is set to "no".  navigate through the settings by pressing the "+" key.  press a number key to change the setting.  Press Enter to save and exit.
  2. If the above settings do not solve the issue, check the XLR connector for any wires broken loose.  Also remove the back panel of the RFU by removing the 4 corner screws, and check that all wires are connected to the circuit board.
  3. If the wiring is sounds and settings are correct, the issue could be a back communication chip.  These are labelled as U2 and U3 on the RFU back circuit board. Replace these chips with ETC Part number: Z216-F. Make sure to align the circular divot on the new chip with the same position of the old chip.
  4. If still having issues, replace the communication chips in the console.  Contact ETC Technical Support for assistance in chip location and correct ETC part number.
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