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Using X-Keys with Congo, Congo jr, Congo Light Server, and Net3 RVI

If you want to use an X-Keys panel with a Congo console or Net3 Remote Video Interface, you will need to program your X-Keys panel to be "Memory Resident" - meaning you won't need to install or run the Macro Manager software on the piece of gear you are using.

You can do this by using an application called "Macro Recorder" from the makers of the panel.

Use this application to load the macro file (the one available from ETC or one you have made on your own) to the X-Keys panel from a computer that is not the Congo/Congo jr/Light Server console. Then you can use the panel with any Congo or Net3 product without having to load any software on that Congo or Net3 product.

The ETC-built macro file and keycap legends for the X-Keys Professional 58-key panel can be found here.

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