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Updated Fixture Library and Fixture Patch Manufacturer List is Blank


After updating the fixture library on my ETC console, the Manufacturer list in Patch is completely empty.  


Console fixture libraries are dependent on the console software they are designed for.  If the Fixture library in the Patch menu is empty after installing a new Fixture Library patch, most likely the console is running older software and the two are not compatible. 

When downloading the newest fixture library from the ETC website the version number listed is the Console software that it should be paired with.  For Example, "Fixture Library Update v2.7.2 Build 1 for Eos Family" is the first fixture library build that is designed to pair with "Eos Family Console Software v2.7.2."


  1. Update the software version of your console to restore the Fixture Library.  
  2. Check to see if the fixtures you need is in the newest version of Console software that is now installed.
  3. If the fixture that is needed is still not listed, install the most recent Fixture Library patch.
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