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How to Create the Obsession Offline Shortcut Manually

To install Obsession Off-Line shortcut manually follow these steps:

  1. Insert the program diskette into the PC's 3.5-inch diskette drive.
  2. Double click on My Computer.
  3. Double click on your diskette drive.
  4. Double click on the Install program. Obsession Off-Line will be installed automatically on your hard drive at C:\ETC\OBSN. Follow the installer's instructions as it runs.
  5. Remove the diskette.
  6. Right click on your desktop.
  7. Move the cursor down to New and click on Shortcut on the submenu.
  8. Click on Browse.
  9. Double click on the Etc folder.
  10. Double click on the Obsn folder.
  11. Double click on Obs.
  12. Click on Next.
  13. Type Obsession Off-Line , then click on Next
  14. Select an icon, then click on Finish.
  15. Right click on the new icon and then click on Properties.
  16. Click on the Program tab, then click on Advanced.
  17. Select MS-DOS mode , then select Specify a new MS-DOS configuration.
  18. In the Config.sys window, add the line: DeviceHigh=c:\windows\emm386.exe 6144 ram
  19. Click on OK ; click on OK again. Obsession Off-Line is installed and a shortcut is on your desktop.
  20. Double click on the shortcut to verify installation.
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