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Obsession 1 Power Supply information


Does the Obsession 1 (1500 channel) have a switch mode PSU or linear supply?
Also is there a varistor or similar protection device to protect the unit from over voltages


The Obsession 1 Console contains a switching power supply (ETC Part Number PS 115).

In terms of over voltage protection there are 5 fuses that are either inline with the power circuit or internal to the power supply to provide voltage protection:

  1. A fuse between mains voltage the on/off switch.
  2. A fuse built into the power supply to protect the power supply.
  3. A fuse for the RFU +12V to Protect the RFU lines.
  4. A fuse for the AUI network connection +12V to protect the internal components of the console (CPU, Hard drive, ect).
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