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Facepanel doesn't respond to input

This issue can occur after moving facepanels around, installing or removing a loaner, or generally whenever the facepanel is changed or swapped.  The MAC address is recorded in Obsession software, and when the facepanel is changed, it doesn't automatically detect the change but still connects and displays properly.  However, when the actual controls are used, they don't respond because of a permissions/network conflict.


  1. Make sure the processor is on and booted into Obsession software.
  2. Plug a PS2 keyboard into the bottom PS2 port of the processor.  You will have to use a keyboard for all of the following operations.
  3. If the processor is in a different space from the facepanel, connect a VGA monitor to the video port on the back of the processor.
  4. Press the scroll lock button on the keyboard.
  5. Press the left Shift+Tab.  If you are not near your facepanel, the diagnostic monitor connected to your processor will not display the current, main screen (usually the Live screen).
  6. Press F9 to get to the Setup screen.
  7. Choose option 2, "I/O Configuration".
  8. Choose option 2 again, "System Configuration".  Here you will see the facepanel listed as "Obsession 2 Console"
  9. Press backspace until the command line is clear, then press CNTL+F5 to select softkey S5 "Delete Device".  Now enter the line number that your console is listed in.
  10. Press enter, and again to confirm the operation.  Notice that the device address column has changed on the console line.  You should now have restored proper operation to the facepanel.
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