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Obsession II Off-Line Version 5.0.2 From Floppy

Obsession II Off-Line version 5.0.2

Offline can be installed from a set of floppies or from a downloadable Install Shield version. 
The following instructions need to be followed after installing the Install Shield version (this assumes the default directories are selected).  This fixes a problem with saving shows to, and reading shows from the PC local hard drive.

From Start Menu go to Program files then ETC Software
At Obsession off-line 5.0.2 right click and choose Properties
Choose Program tab. Working directory will read C:\ETC\OBSESS~1.2
Change Working to read C:\ETC\OBSN502
Then go to Windows Explorer and find C:\ETC
The directory named Obsession off-line 5.0.2 needs to be changed to OBSN502