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Obsession II 4.4 to 4.4.2 Software Kit Upgrade Procedure

This instruction set will explain how to turn your Obsession 4.4 Software kits into 4.4.2 kits.

Rather than send out completely new kits it was decided to send this instruction sheet, the 4.4.2 disk set, the 4.4.2 installation instructions, 4.4.2 release notes and new stickers for box and folder. Make sure to match disk sets and stickers to correct channel counts. The 4.4 manual does not need to be replaced as it covers the features in 4.4.2.

If you are missing any items needed for this procedure please contact Technical Support at 800-688-4116 or via email at

To modify the 4.4 upgrade kits to become a 4.4.2 upgrade kits

  1. Carefully cut open packing tape holding box closed.
  2. Remove 4.4 manual and folder.
  3. Open folder and replace 4.4 installation instructions and 4.4 release notes with 4.4.2 installation instructions and 4.4.2 release notes.
  4. Open back cover of manual and remove 4.4 disk Set.
  5. CAREFULLY!! Remove VxWorks licensing sticker from 4.4 disk 1 and apply it to 4.4.2 disk 1.
  6. Place 4.4.2 disk set into back of manual.
  7. Apply 4.4.2 sticker over 4.4 sticker on folder.
  8. Place folder into cardboard sleeve.
  9. Place manual into cardboard sleeve.
  10. Retape box.
  11. Apply 4.4.2 sticker over 4.4 sticker on box.
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