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Obsession Macros Adding Digit v. 5.0.02

Error Message:

Macros receive an extra digit when loaded from an earlier version of into a 5.0.02 system.


This was due to a bug related to the added digit in the cue stack.

Workaround / Fix:

Fixed in 5.0.3

SCR # 2426 Loss of full Submaster control after consoles that set sub level is turned off.
SCR # 2453 Focus Group Help text gives syntax example that yields error message.
SCR # 2514 Display third digit of version number in setup display
SCR # 2555 Playback Fader Mode - Paired, downfade level jumps to a level.
SCR # 2556 Macros receive an extra digit when loaded on a 5.0.02 or a 5.1system.
SCR # 2525 Off-Line: Save a show to HD doesn't save & gives Memory is Full message.
SCR # 2499

 OBS Off-Line doesn't always display New Features [16] from Setup Menu

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