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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Remote Focus Unit (version 2) Backlight Output Problems

If there is no backlight output, there are 2 options for the end-user to choose from:

  1. Check T1 for damage.  If physically damaged or T1 is making a squealing sound, it needs to be replaced by a certified ETC technician.
  2. Check the RFU configuration to see if the backlight timer is on.  The default setting for the timer is: 05 Min., 00 Sec.  To check the configuration, press and hold the top 3 buttons on the numbered portion of the RFU keypad upon boot up ("7, 8, 9" on the EXPN RFU2; "+, Thru, -" on the OBSN RFU2) .  Cycle through each option with the "+" key and enter the desired time when the backlight option is reached.  Press "Enter" when finished.