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What Changes Occurred With the Introduction of Obsession II Designers Remote Console (DRC)?


What are the software changes for the release of the Obsession II Designer Remote Console (DRC)?


Which versions of software support the Obsn II DRC?
The Obsession II DRC was first supported in V4.2 and in all subsequent releases.

Is their a new new device ID found in the diagnostic screens?
OBSN II DRC device ID = 18

Any changes to the console setup menus?
In Obsession II Console Setup there is a 6th diagnostic choice .
This option enables the user to choose whether the console that they are using is a Submaster only Console, a DRC, or a Full Console.  In Production, the console mode is set to DRC when they are tested. 

In OBSN II Console
6 - Console Mode 

After entering Console Mode Setup, The following warning is displayed:

"WARNING:  Configuring your console to a mode other than what has been set at the factory WILL result in undesired operation. 
It is recommended that you exit this menu unless instructed by ETC Technical Services at 1-800-688-4116.
Press <Enter> to continue . 
Press any other key to abort."

For information on how to access the console setup menus, please refer to the appendix in the Obsession II user manual.

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