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Running DOS Disk Tools on Obsession and Obsession II Systems

To run any disk repairs in Obsession you will need a keyboard attached to the console and a monitor attached to the unlabeled video port located on the rear of the console and adjacent to the Parallel Printer port.
To run any disk repairs in Obsession II, you will need a keyboard and monitor connected directly to the processor unit in question.

typically these repair tools are used when the console is experiencing odd slow downs or random crashes. Before running any of these tools, clear your message logs.

To get to DOS:

  1. With the console booted and running enable the [Scroll Lock] key on your keyboard.
  2. Holding down the right [Shift] key, press [Tab] twice. This will end the obsession program.  On Obsession and early Obsession II, the monitor will display a prompt that reads "C:\ETC\>" .  On later versions of Obsession II, the system will actually shutdown and restart.  Continue to hold the right [Shift] key as the system reboots once or twice.  Release the key when the system stops at a prompt reading "C:\>" .

To Run Scandisk:

  1. If you are not at a "C:\>" prompt, type "cd\" and press [Enter].  The prompt should now read "C:\>" .
  2. Type "scandisk" and press [Enter].
  3. System will run a scan and repair and ask if you wish to run a surface scan.
  4. Highlight yes with arrow keys and press [Enter]. Surface scan will run ( approx 5-15 min).
  5. System will display if errors are found you can run again or exit.

    If bad sectors were found during the surface scan, this means that your hard drive is failing and will require replacement soon, if not immediately.  The program will attempt to "fix" these issues, but this is misleading and cannot fix the physical damage to the actual disc. 

  6. Run these steps until no errors are found.

Once scandisk is complete I would also suggest running a defragmentation program. This will help clear up any additional disk issues.  We highly recommend running this after the scandisk has found no errors.

To run Defragmentation:

  1. If you are not at a "C:\>" prompt, type "cd\" and press [Enter].  The prompt should now read "C:\>" .
  2. From the "C: \>" prompt type "defrag" and press [Enter].
  3. Follow prompts to choose C: .
  4. Choose either optimize or defragment based on the software recommendations.
  5. Allow the process to run until complete and choose Exit.

To Return back to Obsession:

  1. If you are not at a "C:\ETC\>" prompt, type "cd\etc" and press [Enter].  The prompt should now read "C:\>" .
  2. Prompt will read "C:\ETC\>" .
  3. Type "obs" and press [Enter].
  4. Obsession will boot normally


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