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Console Power Consumption UPS Specifications

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the only device that can reliably eliminate the problems associated with power interruptions, providing you with reliable, temporary backup power. A quality UPS will also provide protection against spikes, surges, brown outs, and EMI or RFI noise.

To select a UPS for your system you must calculate the total power consumption of all of the devices you plan to put on the UPS. The UPS you select should have a rating at least 10% over your calculated total load.

For Eos Family and Congo Family consoles, think of them as a high end PC, and use a UPS rated for such use.  On many of our jobs we specify a 750w UPS.   For Legacy consoles, please see the table below.

Discontinued Consoles and Accessories:

60 watts Expression 2
60 watts  Insight 2
120 watts  Obsession 600
120 watts  Obsession Full Console
120 watts  Obsession Remote Console
50 watts  Obsession Designers Remote Console
250 watts  Obsession I DPS
100 watts  Typical VGA monitor
40 watts  Acclaim
70 watts  Express 
60 watts  Expression 3 
60 watts  Insight 3 
180 watts  Emphasis Server (GX260) 
40 watts  Obsession II Remote Console (0.3A at 120V) 
100 watts  Obsession SPS (0.8A at 120v) 
200 watts  Obsession DPS (0.8A each at 120v) 
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