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Console Power Consumption UPS Specifications

To select a UPS for your system you must calculate the total power consumption of all of the devices you plan to put on the UPS. The UPS you select should have a rating at least 10% over your calculated total load.

For Eos Family and Congo Family consoles, think of them as a high end PC, and use a UPS rated for such use.  On many of our jobs we specify a 750w UPS.   For Legacy consoles, please see the table below.

Discontinued Consoles and Accessories:

60 watts Expression 2
60 watts  Insight 2
120 watts  Obsession 600
120 watts  Obsession Full Console
120 watts  Obsession Remote Console
50 watts  Obsession Designers Remote Console
250 watts  Obsession I DPS
100 watts  Typical VGA monitor
40 watts  Acclaim
70 watts  Express 
60 watts  Expression 3 
60 watts  Insight 3 
180 watts  Emphasis Server (GX260) 
40 watts  Obsession II Remote Console (0.3A at 120V) 
100 watts  Obsession SPS (0.8A at 120v) 
200 watts  Obsession DPS (0.8A each at 120v) 
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