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CGA Monitors


When looking for a monitor for the Expression (1) or MicroVision family of consoles you need a CGA monitor, which is an older video format that is not compatible with the current video formats (VGA) or (SVGA).

These consoles cannot be upgraded to the new video format, so you will either need to find an old CGA monitor, or a CGA to VGA converter, or if you have certain NEC monitors (see below) you can order an HD15 to DB9 adapter cable PN: 4000B7026.

Below are the specs for the video outputs:   

Format Connector Refresh Rate
CGA/Digital RGB DB-9  54.5 Hz Vertical, 18.36 KHz Horizontal
CGA/Digital RGB DB-9  64.5 Hz Vertical, 16.0 KHz Horizontal
TTL Monochrome DB-9  
Composite Monochrome BNC  

Format Refresh Rate Connector
CGA/Digital RGB 54.5 hz Vertical 18.36 Khz Horizontal 9Pin DB-9CGA/Digital
RGB 54.5 hz Vertical 16.0 Khz Horizontal 9Pin DB-9 (MVSN, MVFX)
TTL Monochrome 9Pin DB-9
Composite Monochrome BNC

DB9 HD15 Signal
1 1 Common (AC Ground)
2 2 Common
3 3 Red
4 13 Green
5 14 Blue
6 5 Intensity
7 15 N/C
8 12 Horizontal Sync
9 10 Vertical Sync

There are some additional options in getting video output out of the MicroVision and Expression 1 consoles:

  1. We make an HD15 to DB9 adapter cable for old out of production Multisync monitors.  Part#4000B7026.  Multisync models that worked with the adapter: NEC 2D, NEC Mutisync 3D, NEC Multisync 3DS
  2. CGA to VGA converter PCBs are generally available online, mainly used for compatibility with retro PCs and video arcade hardware. ETC has not tested any specific model of converter.
  3. If you can do without color, the console will also support TTL Monochrome and Composite Monochrome monitors.  You may be able to find TTL or Composite Monochrome monitors at used computer stores. You may want to take the console with you to verify video format.



Note: ETC does not sell this device or support it. ETC has not tested this device with any of our lighting consoles.



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