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Legacy AVAB Console Manuals


As part of its 2002 acquisition of Transtechnik Light Systems GmbH, ETC obtained an ownership position of AVAB Transtechnik France (ATF) and AVAB Scandinavia. AVAB Scandinavia was completely folded into Transtechnik and ultimately the Congo, Congo Jr. and Congo Kid were manufactured by ETC to carry on the AVAB tradition.

This pages has links to AVAB user manuals but it should be noted that Transtechnik and ETC have never offered support of many older AVAB console lines including the 201, Expert, Mini, or Solaris. Some of those manuals as well as console images are attached here as a help to those looking for them.

AVAB Consoles

  1. AVAB 201 AV   201 Elektronik AB Manual
    AVAB 201.jpg
  2. AVAB Expert
    AVAB Expert Console.jpg
  3. AVAB Lynx
    AVAB Lynx Panel.jpg
  4. AVAB Presto
    Presto Service Manual
    Presto User Manual
    AVAB Presto Console.jpg
  5. AVAB Pronto
    Pronto Service Manual
    Pronto BIOS Settings
    AVAB Pronto Console.jpg
  6. AVAB Mini
    AVAB Mini.jpg
  7. AVAB Solaris
    AVAB Solaris.jpg
    Solaris Names.jpg
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