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How To Create A User Personality On A SmartFade ML


I have the most up-to-date fixture library on my SmartFade ML, however there is not an existing profile for the fixture I'm using. How can I create my own fixture profile?


Go to [Menu] then [Patch] and select [Patch Device]. Now choose [User Personalities], press the checkmark on the User Personality number you desire and select (Edit). The LCD screens on your SmartFade ML should look something like the image below: 

OFFSET represents thSmartFadeML UPDATE.jpge parameter's DMX channel.

MIX (can be changed by pressing MORE) is the fixture's color mixing type. Choices: None, RGB, CMY, and RAGB

HOME represents the parameter's DMX value when the fixture is Home. Choices: 0 to 255 

ASSIGNED TO: represents the parameter type. 



  1. Choose the parameter's DMX channel with OFFSET
  2. Choose the parameters Home value
  3. Push a button (flashing green underneath the faders) to assign the parameter type
    1. This is the fader/button you will use to control this parameter


  1. Select the MIX type (i.e. RGB)
  2. Choose a Home value 
  3. The first parameter will be Red, so press Hue (button #4) once
  4. Change the OFFSET to the next number
  5. Press the Hue button again to assign Green
  6. Change the OFFSET to the next number
  7. Press the Hue button again to assign Blue 

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