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Smartfade ML Face Panel is Rapidly Flickering or Resetting Rapidly


Smartfade may boot up, but bump LEDs and the LCD may be flickering rapidly
Console may be power cycling rapidly
Normal operation of the console is sporadic
Console is being powered using an AC power supply

Explanation of Issue

A bulk capacitor on the I/O board has failed and is no longer smoothing out the DC ripple voltage during the AC-to-DC conversion. This problem is almost entirely caused by using an AC power supply

This issue can be bypassed in the field until the console can be repaired at a later date


  1. If using an AC power supply, remove the AC power supply
  2. Replace with a DC power supply. The DC power supply should be rated to supply +12V and at least 1.2A minimum, center pin positive
  3. Power on the console using the DC supply
  4. If the problem persists after changing to a DC power supply, there may be a deeper issue. Please contact your preferred ETC dealer or ETC Technical Services


Part numbers for new DC power supplies. Note that there are two, one being a non-locking connector, one a locking connector

Description ETC Part Number Repair Parts Shop
+12V DC Power Supply with locking barrel PS372
+12V DC Power Supply (non-locking barrel) PS406-F



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