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Smartfade ML Console Shuts Off Randomly


Smartfade console is shutting down when the power cable is wiggled or moved

Explanation of Issue

Either the cable for the power supply has an intermittent connection, or the power jack on the console itself may be damaged


  • If another DC power supply is available, swap out the DC power supply in an attempt to rule out the original power supply
  • If the console continues to shut down randomly, check the power jack. If the power plug feels like it is wiggling around too much in the power jack, the bottom contact in the power jack may be bent down, resulting in a poor connection with the power plug. If this is the case, please contact your preferred ETC dealer or ETC Technical Services to set up a repair


If the problem is determined to be the DC power supply, refer to the following chart regarding which power supply to use:

Description ETC Part Number Repair Parts Shop
+12V DC Power Supply with locking barrel PS372
+12V DC Power Supply (non-locking barrel) PS406-F



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