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Bumps Causing Other Bumps to Light Up or Blink on Smartfade


Pressing a bump causes one or several different bumps to light up or blink

This can also be known as cross-talk

Explanation of Issue

Very likely one or more bumps on the Smartfade console is burnt out or failing

This is caused by the way the Smartfade console bumps are multiplexed. The issue is cosmetic and does not affect the function of the bumps, but can cause confusion during use


  1. To confirm burnt out LEDs, enter into test mode by pressing and holding the Menu bump while the console is powering up
  2. Move all faders up and check for any burnt out LEDs
  3. Note any burnt out LEDs
    1. Failing LEDs are usually dim, but can sometimes appear just as bright as the other LEDs
  4. Please contact your preferred ETC dealer, or ETC Technical Services to set up a repair





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