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Smartfade LEDs burnt out


LEDs burnt out
Console may also not be outputting DMX

Explanation of Issue

This is a common issue for older Smartfade consoles, but has been known to occur in newer Smartfade consoles. This primarily affects the blue LEDs. The common repair is to replace the LED and change the accompanying resistor to a higher value

LEDs burning out can cause strange effects during use. Most often, this manifests as other bump LEDs lighting up when a bump LED is pressed, or can cause the console to appear to have no DMX output, as the console may be in blind mode that is normally indicated by a blue Next LED

If your console is not outputting DMX, press the Next LED and re-check if there is DMX output


Blue LED locations by Smartfade variant:

1248, 1296, 2496
Blackout, Play, Next, Preview

Blackout, Play, Next, (Preview) Smartsoft, Int Only, Go Mode, Fan, Edit Effect, Effect, Highlight, Beam, Color
Note that Color, Beam, Effect, Edit Effect, and Fan also have another LED beside it to create a different color bump and may not appear burnt out


  1. To confirm burnt out LEDs, enter into test mode by pressing and holding the Menu bump while the console is powering up
  2. Move all faders up and check for any burnt out LEDs
  3. Note any burnt out LEDs
  4. Please contact your preferred ETC dealer, or ETC Technical Services to set up a repair





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