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Smartfade LEDs burnt out


LEDs are burnt out

Description/Explanation of Issue

LEDs have been known to burn out on Smartfade consoles. The blue, green, and white LEDs are the most common LEDs to burn out. The Blackout and Next LEDs being burnt out are known to cause it to appear that the Smartfade is not outputting DMX, as the Smartfade can be in a blind mode, or in blackout mode without giving any indication of its current state.


  1. To confirm burnt out LEDs, enter into test mode by pressing and holding the Menu bump while the console is powering up
  2. Move all faders up and check for any burnt out LEDs. Most often, the Preview, Next, Play, and Blackout bump LEDs will be burnt out. These are the blue LEDs.
  3. The console can still be used with burnt out LEDs until the LEDs can be replaced
  4. Please contact ETC or your dealer to determine options for repair


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