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Manually Reset BCELTS Relay Position


Both normal and emergency LEDs flash repeatedly when the normal sense feed is energized.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Both LEDs will flash if the relay positions are in an undetermined state. Sometimes the plastic relay cover will shift during shipment which cause the relay’s manual switch to not have full travel which will cause the relay to be in an undetermined state. 
Please note the relay cover screws will now ship with star washers to prevent movement of the cover during shipment.


  1. Turn off ALL power to the BCELTS
  2. Follow the manual relay reset procedure within the manual
    • If this procedure does not fix the issue loosen the two screws securing the relay’s plastic cover and make sure all of the relay’s manual switches are in the far left position
  3. Turn on power to the BCELTS, verify that the normal and emergency LEDs are not flashing
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