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What do the LEDs on the control board of the DEBC mean?
Depending on the variant of DEBC that you have (DEBC-1 or DEBC-6) the number of LEDs on the PCB will vary. LEDs are identified by the abbreviation "LD" followed by a numeral printed in white text on the control board.

The Output LEDs

Each output on the DEBC will have an LED indicator next to the terminal block.

  • Output 1 = LD 7
  • Output 2 = LD 8
  • Output 3 = LD 1
  • Output 4 = LD 2
  • Output 5 = LD 3
  • DMX Thru  = LD 6

These are LEDs are connected directly to the DMX data output line. If they are off, DMX is not being sent. If the LEDs are illuminated at any level, DMX data is being sent; the intensity of the LED is tied to the data being sent.

If channels 1 - 512 were set to full during an emergency, the LED would be LESS bright than if those same channels were set to 50% during an emergency. The less data on the line, the brighter the LED.

The Status LED

The status LED (LD4) is located below the record button and is used to indicate record status. During normal and emergency operation, this LED will flicker.
The LED will flash rapidly while the RECORD button is held, and will then illuminate solid green when recording is complete. If the LED does not illuminate after recording, then the record was not successful.

The Normal/Panic LED

The Normal/Panic LED (LD5) is visible when the unit is closed. This LED is located directly above the test button and used to indicate the DEBC's current state. When the unit is in a normal state, the LED will illuminate solid green. When the unit is in panic, the LED will illuminate solid red.

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