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DMX Emergency Bypass Controller (DEBC) and RDM opto capability

The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller (DEBC-6) does not output Remote Device Management (RDM) from its 5 "OUT" terminals.  However, it does pass incoming RDM out of the DMX Thru/Out position when in normal operation. The misnomer here is the DEBC-6 is a 6 opto output, it is a 5 Opto output with a thru. So because the thru out Passes RDM it means it is a part of the fixture count and wire count of the input line.  The 5 outputs are Optically isolated and regenerated DMX so they get a new count and wire count. DEBC-1 Is only a thru output.

Also note that the output indicator LED (LD6) on the thru port is only activated by data from within the DEBC (ie when in panic mode).  Because the input is wired directly to the thru port, there is no data detection that activates that LED.  But, seeing activity on all of the other DMX ports does indicate when incoming DMX is active.

Example: I have 1000 ft of wire coming in to the DEBC-6, I only get 640 ft max wire run and 31 fixtures (DEBC-6 counts as 1 ) off the thru output.  I get 1640 feet (500m) max  and 32 fixtures from outputs 1-5.