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DMX Emergency Bypass Controller (DEBC) and RDM opto capability

The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller (DEBC-6) does not output Remote Device Management (RDM) from its 5 "OUT" terminals.  However, it does pass incoming RDM out of the DMX Thru/Out position when in normal operation. The misnomer here is the DEBC-6 is a 6 opto output, it is a 5 Opto output with a thru. So because the thru out Passes RDM it means it is a part of the fixture count and wire count of the input line.  The 5 outputs are Optically isolated and regenerated DMX so they get a new count and wire count. DEBC-1 Is only a thru output.

Example: I have 1000 ft of wire coming in to the DEBC-6, I only get 640 ft max wire run and 31 fixtures (DEBC-6 counts as 1 ) off the thru output.  I get 1640 feet (500m) max  and 32 fixtures from outputs 1-5.