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ELTS2 Hardware Changes

Hardware Changes

In early 2021 ETC made a change to the internal hardware of ELTS2. Specifically the contactor, relay and interconnect have been replaced with new hardware, all other parts of the ELTS2 remain unchanged. 

These parts cannot be used interchangeably with the old hardware and replacements must be replaced with same generation parts.

Old Hardware

The below image shows the old generation GE Contactor (pre April 2021) ELTS2 hardware.ELTS 2 Hardware OLD.png

New Hardware

The below image shows the new LS Electric hardware found in ELTS2 units manufactured  post April 2021.

ELTS 2 Hardware NEW.png

Additional Information

How do I manually change the state of a new contactor?

To deactivate an active contactor, slide the switch towards the 0 marking. The contactor will disconnect the power from the loads.
To activate the other side of the contactor, depress the recessed button using a blunt, non-conductive tool (for example a plastic pen). If the button will not depress, check that the other contactor is deactivated.

If I break a contactor, what do I do?

In most cases, the entire assembly pair will need to be replaced. Sometimes, damage to other components isn't immediately apparent, in cases where a contactor is damaged all components of both pairs should be replaced.
If it is abundantly clear that damage is isolated to a specific component, then that specific component may be replaced.

Part Numbers
Hardware Part Number
Mechanical Latch RL424
Interlock RL423
Contactor RL422
Can I replace old hardware with new hardware?

No. Even if you are replacing the entire assembly (Contactor, Mechanical Latch, and Interconnect) you should only swap hardware with same generation hardware. The wiring differences for the new hardware will make this swap too difficult in the field.

If you need to purchase old generation hardware, contact your local ETC office for pricing.

How do I tell which unit I have?

You can use the above pictures to help identify the hardware in the panel.
Additionally all units with new hardware will have different part numbers from their predecessors.
New hardware units will have part numbers structured as 1096A11XX while old hardware units had their part number structured as 1096A10XX.



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