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ELTS2 controller stuck in Emergency


ELTS2 system is not switching back to normal from emergency

Description/Explanation of Issue

There are several reasons why a controller will not switch out of emergency:

  • Phase voltage problems
  • Fire alarm wiring issue
  • Local control (key switch) wiring issue
  • Remote station wiring issue
  • Hardware failure

Wiring, remote stations, fire alarms, or phase voltages are the most common cause of a controller being stuck in Emergency.

A controller may also not appear to switch out of emergency due to delay settings. DIP switches on the controller determine the Normal-to-Emergency switching delay, along with the Emergency-to-Normal switching delay. Delay times range from 170 milliseconds to 60 seconds. Common switching delay for E->N is 30 seconds

For troubleshooting purposes, CR6 is the heartbeat LED of the PIC processor and will blink

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