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Fiber Optic Cabling Pull Rules

Belden #225336

Note-Icon.png Note: Since it is optical fiber, there is no problem with electrical interference.

The following "pull rules" can be used. Ultimately, state and local codes will have the last to say, so keep that in mind. For more information, reference the EIA/TIA 568A Spec and the IEEE 802.3 Spec.

  1. Maintain proper bend radius:
    During installation: 15 times the outer diameter of the cable (loaded)
    Post installation: 10 times the outer diameter of the cable (unloaded)
  2. Maximum vertical rise (less than 84 fibers) = 640 feet
  3. Maximum Tensile Load should be adhered to. This typically comes from the manufacturer, but is 608 lbs short term and 135 lbs long term. No residual tension should be left after installations.
  4. Fiber should be pulled through conduit or innerduct.
  5. Tie wraps should be applied loosely (you should be able to slide them)
  6. Innerduct/Conduit fills should never be more than 50%. Some codes (The NEC if read the right way) require a 40% max.