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Running High Voltage and Low Voltage Wiring


To prevent voltage leakage, you should always run high-voltage power wiring and low-voltage (Class 2) control wiring in separate conduit. All ETC equipment that uses both power and control wiring is designed to aid this separation and their installation manuals discuss both the fact that they should not be run together as well as how to feed them in separately.


For example:

  • Echo Room Controllers and Foundry Mini panels have high-voltage headers and conduit knockouts on the left side of the panel and low-voltage headers and conduit knockouts on the right side of the panel.
  • DRd and Sensor Rack Enclosures offer multiple conduit access points, with their respective manuals pointing out which ones are available for high-voltage or low-voltage.

If you are wiring high-voltage power wiring and 0-10v low-voltage control wiring (Class 1) in the same conduit, there must be a separate conduit per circuit. Please consult with your local jurisdiction on this application before running wire. 

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