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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Support Path Changes at ETC

Changes to US Support Paths at ETC

In order to provide our technicians with the fastest possible support for the products they are calling about, we’ve made some small modifications to our support paths in 2022. At this time, these changes only apply to our US based support line. For information on contacting offices outside of the United States, please visit our Contact Us page.
When calling in for support, customers will be given the following options after speaking with reception.

For ETC Lighting Product, press 1

For ETC Rigging systems, press 2

For Echoflex and Elaho press 3

For Application Engineering Helpdesk, press 4

For questions about an existing repair, press 5

For High End Systems, Hog Consoles, and all automated fixtures, press 6


For RAYN Growing Systems press 7


You can be transferred back to the receptionist by pressing 0 and can repeat the menu options by pressing 9.

As always, our phone support teams remain available 24/7/365 for any emergencies that occur outside of our regular business hours (8-5 CST).




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