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Which modes are calibrated in ETC LED fixtures?


ETC calibrates its color-mixing LED fixtures in the factory. This ensures that each fixture type gives the same color output when it receives the same DMX values, compensating for the natural variation in the LED emitters themselves.

Depending on the fixture, only some of the DMX modes may be calibrated. This list summarizes the different fixtures and their modes.

Selador Classic

Selador Classic fixtures are not calibrated, and only operate in a direct mode


Source 4 LED Series 1 & 2; Selador Desire

Direct Simplified Calibrated Direct * (ONLY S4 LED Series 2 running v1.8.1 or later)
Not calibrated (all other fixtures and software versions)
HSI Calibrated
HSIC Calibrated
RGB Calibrated
Studio Calibrated


Source 4 LED Series 3; fos/4 Fresnel and Panel

Direct Simplified Calibrated Direct *
Expanded Calibrated
Studio Calibrated
3ch RGB Calibrated
1 channel Calibrated


ColorSource Family
Standard (ColorSource V only) Calibrated
5ch (not ColorSource V) Calibrated
Direct Simplified Calibrated Direct * (ONLY ColorSource V)
Not calibrated (all other fixtures)
RGB Calibrated
1ch Calibrated


Source 4WRD 
Source 4WRD II  Not calibrated
Source 4WRD Color II Calibrated

Relevé Spot
Standard Calibrated
Direct Not calibrated
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