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sACN Bandwidth Utilization

What is the sACN bandwidth utilization going to be for the project I am designing?

This is a very difficult question to answer exactly since there are many variables to consider:

  1. Refresh rate of the sACN source
  2. Quantity of Static or Dynamic effects running simultaneously on the sACN source
  3. Rate of dynamic effects
  4. Quantity of sACN Universes
sACN Bandwidth Utilization Testing :

To allow integrators to estimate sACN bandwidth requirements for their project(s) four controlled tests have been performed. Each test turns on/off 5, 10, 15 and 20 sACN universes rapidly with a 200ms duty cycle. Bandwidth utilization percentages below are based on a 100Mbps switch port.

**** Please keep in mind these are only estimates so results will vary between systems ****

  • Hardware
    • 2ea. Paradigm Architectural Controllers (PACP) V4.2.4
    • 1ea. Net3 4 Port Gateway V7.0.1
    • 1ea. Cisco SF302-08P
    • 1ea. Dell Latitude 5580 I7 Processor
  • Software
    • sACNView V2.1.2
    • WireShark V3.4.4
    • Windows 10 Enterprise
5 Universe Test Summary:
  • Average bandwidth 592Kbps
  • Average bandwidth utilization .59%
10 Universe Test Summary:
  • Average bandwidth 1.060Mbps
  • Average bandwidth utilization 1.1%
15 Universe Test Summary:
  • Average bandwidth 1.641Mbps
  • Average bandwidth utilization 1.6%


20 Universe Test Summary:
  • Average bandwidth 2.154Mbps
  • Average bandwidth utilization 2.2%


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