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EM Terminals in Non-Emergency ArcSystem 4-Cell Pendant Fixtures


ArcSystem 4-Cell Pendant fixtures come in an Emergency and Non-Emergency variant for UL924 operation. In Emergency fixtures, there is a small circuit board in the pendant canopy which detects loss of normal power and sends a signal to the fixture body via a harness that runs through the pendant stem. This board is not present in the Non-Emergency fixture, however, all variants share the terminal strip which connects the harnesses in the stem to the fixture body, and the stems all contain the Emergency harness.

In non-emergency fixtures, this harness is non-functional. However, to keep your installation tidy, the harness can be connected to the fixture end and left disconnected in the canopy end since there is no board to connect it to.

The EM Sense terminal on a 4-Cell Pendant fixture body. In a Non-Emergency fixture, this can be optionally connected to the harness.

The EM Sense wire (H) at the canopy end of the stem. Here, the harness will be left disconnected.

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