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Enabling ArcMesh Rebroadcasting has No Effect


DMX Rebroadcasting has been enabled in fixture settings, but there has been no wireless performance improvement.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Signal rebroadcasting in an ArcMesh system requires both rebroadcasting enabled at a fixture level and a DMX TTL of >0. The DMX TTL setting, 0 by default, defines how many times a signal can be rebroadcast before it "dies." A packet of data is sent from the TX-1 with the configured TTL value, and then that value is subtracted by 1 every time the packet is retransmitted by a device. When that value = 0, a device will not rebroadcast that packet even if it is configured to do so. This reduces the amount of traffic between devices in the system and improves performance, but both fixture rebroadcast and DMX TTL settings must be considered during system commissioning.


Be sure that DMX Broadcast TTL is set to a value >0 on the General Settings tab of the TX-1 settings in the ArcMesh commissioning software.



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