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ColorSource Cyc Alternate Processor CPU2


Why does my ColorSource Spot, Par, Cyc, or Source 4WRD-C say CPU2 next to the serial number? 




Due to parts shortages, we were forced to temporarily use an alternate processor on the control card. To better keep track of this, we added a CPU2 sticker to the fixture's Serial Number to give us a faster way to identify which processor is in use. 

What else does this mean? 

  • CPU2 can ONLY accept specific fw versions. ColorSource Par and Spot use v3.0, ColorSource Cyc uses v 3.1. All other variants of ColorSource fixtures will remain on v1.X.X. 4WRD-C uses v2.0.0
  • There is a different fixture variant added into Updaterator should the new firmware need to be repushed to a fixture. 
  • Fixture to fixture software push will function only between fixtures using the same processor type. 
  • If you try to load the CPU2 firmware onto to a non-CPU2 fixture, or vise versa, nothing will happen; the fixtures will not accept the code. 





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