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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Changes to Warranty on ETC ColorSource Linear

What changed?

Starting in January of 2018, ETC began offering a five (5) year warranty on the full fixture and ten (10) years for LED failures*.  This warranty change applied to Non-Retrofit ETC branded LED Fixtures, meaning S4WRD and High End Systems fixtures are not included in this change.

Fixtures sold prior to January 2018 have a three (3) year warranty.

Starting on January 1, 2023, ETC changed the warranty for all Source 4WRD products shipped from that date to also carry the five (5) year fixture/ten (10) year LED array term.* Source 4WRD fixtures shipped prior to January 1, 2023 will retain their original three (3) year warranty.

Other things to note

*The ten (10) year coverage of the LED array is for LED failures only. It does not cover Lumen Maintenance (L70) or Color Maintenance.

This change for all LED fixtures (except Source 4WRD) took affect in April of 2018 but was made retroactive to all fixtures and drivers sold starting in January 2018.

ETC Warranty Statement