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ColorSource Linear is flashing briefly when DMX is present


A ColorSource fixture briefly flashes to white or a color while DMX is applied.

Explanation of Issue

When your ColorSource fixture has a preset active and DMX is applied, the fixture may momentarily think it has lost DMX and revert to the active preset for a fraction of a second before restoring DMX. It can happen with any DMX source applied, and any preset or sequence active in the background. Although the issue is rare, it has been a bug since v1.4.0.


  1. Deactivate any presets or sequences running in the background by removing DMX, tapping mode to deactivate the preset, then reapplying DMX. 
  2. This is corrected with v1.7.1 software, which was released in December 2018. These fixtures can be updated using UpdaterAtor.


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