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The Fan Failed on my ColorSource Par


Your ColorSource Par fixture is on and in use, but you notice the fan is not spinning. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

Whenever your ColorSource Par is in use, the fan should be spinning at a varied speed depending on what the internal temperature of the fixture is. If the fixture is on but the fan is not spinning, you may notice a very gradual lowing of the fixture's output as the fixture tries to compensate for the additional heat. This could end up with the fixture dropping into OtP, Overtemp, which would cause the fixture to drop output entirely until it cools down. 


  1. Power off the fixture for 20 min, then reapply power. Cutting power altogether will help the fixture cool down faster as the other electric components will continue to generate heat as they stay powered on. 
  2. Call ETC Tech Support to get information on getting your fixture serviced. 


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