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ColorSource Fixture Is Not White in 1ch Mode


By default in 1 ch (one channel) mode a ColorSource Fixture should be a warm white (3200K).  This is because it is playing Preset 1 on the fixture, which by default is recorded as a warm white.

If you find that your fixture is not playing a warm white when in 1 ch mode then chances are that your Preset 1 has been re-recorded to a new color.  To resolve this, simply factory reset the fixture, and then set it back to 1 ch mode again.

Solution (Restoring Factory Defaults)

  1. Press and hold the Mode, Up and Down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.  
  2. The DMX address will blink twice to show reset has been performed, and the fixture should be in it's default 5 ch mode.
  3.  Press and hold Mode for 3 seconds to get to the mode screen, then use Up and Down to change to 1 ch mode.
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