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Pushing Software Update From One ColorSource Fixture to Others


If one ColorSource fixture in a DMX chain is running a newer software version than others, it can push that version to the units running older software. This process is slow but can be done without needing any extra equipment.

To check what version a ColorSource fixture is at, power cycle the unit and observe the LCD. As the fixture is rebooting it will display it's current version.

Important-Icon.png This feature is only available for units running at least v1.3.0. Any fixtures running v1.2 or lower must be updated via UpdaterAtor.

Steps to Push Software

For these steps, we will refer to the fixture running the newer version of software as the SOURCE fixture and the other fixtures as the RECIPIENT fixtures.

  1. Make sure the source fixture is upstream of all secondary fixtures.
  2. Remove power and DMX in from the source fixture.
  3. Press and hold the source fixture's UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously while restoring power to the source fixture.
  4. All fixtures' displays will show 'Udt rdY' to indicate the update mode is selected.
  5. Press the Mode button on the source fixture to start the update process.
    1. The source unit's display will alternate between 'Udt' and the percentage complete.
    2. The recipient fixtures' displays will show 'U:XX' with XX standing for the percentage complete.
    3. Once the update is complete, fixtures will reboot normally.

Video Walkthrough

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