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Why can't I adjust local preset intensity on my ColorSource fixture?


When I select a preset, and press and hold the "Mode" button with a preset selected, it doesn't let me adjust the intensity of the preset. Instead, it shows a countdown, and then records over, or erases the preset I had selected. 

Explanation of Issue

In ColorSource Fixture Software v1.3.0 (released 5/5/2016), we added the option to adjust preset intensity locally on the fixture, by pressing and holding the mode button. However, the fixture must not have any DMX going to it at the time, and must be running software v1.3.0 or higher. Fixtures from before the release of v1.3.0 will need to update in order to access this feature.


First, ensure that no DMX is running to the fixture. The easiest way to do this is by simply unplugging the DMX In cable, if there is one.

  1. Check the software version you currently have running on the fixture by holding down the Mode button as the fixture powers up.
  2. If the software version is lower than v1.3.0, you will need to update the fixture software.
    1. For more information, please see the Updating fixture software section of the ColorSource fixture manual.
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