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D60 fixture chirping or strobing uncontrollably


The fixture may be chirping or blinking about once every two seconds. Power is OK going in and down the line, but the fixture is not working.

Power and DMX should still pass through, as these are both passive pass-thru.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Please contact ETC to begin setting up an RMA for repair.

The power supply, driver, and LED array are all burned out. The power supply failed first, which then propagated down to the driver board, which then propagated to the LED array.

Attempting to replace the power supply in the field will likely cause the fixture to continue chirping or strobing uncontrollably, about once per second.
Attempting to replace the driver in the field will cause the new driver board to burn out, as the LED array is shorted. The regulators on the driver board will burn out due to the shorted LED array.

The array cannot be replaced in the field as it requires calibration.



  1. Fixture cannot be repaired in the field. Please contact ETC to begin the RMA process.


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