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Desire Fixtures may only record DMX input to a Preset in HSI Mode


I want to re-record Presets on my Desire fixture, but the changes are not sticking - it continues to play back the Factory-default Presets.

Description/Explanation of Issue

According to the User Manual, "You can take a snapshot of the incoming DMX signal when the fixture is in HSI mode and save it as a
preset value."  You cannot snapshot incoming DMX in other modes (such as General, High Impact, Direct control, HSIC, or RGB).

If you are using Net3 Concert to record a Preset, you may see this error:
["An attempt to change a read-only property has occurred - this change will be ignored"]


  1. Verify the mode that your fixture is in.
  2. Change the mode to one that is HSI-based.

    Fixtures in +7 mode will only snapshot the incoming HSI DMX values, not any +7 adjustment values.

  3. Re-record the preset and verify it is playing back properly
    1. This may require changing the fixture profile in your DMX controller to match the new mode
  4. Return your fixture to its original mode.
  5. Verify that the preset is played back as desired in the original mode


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