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Source 4 LED or Desire Fixture shows Please Start Software Download


My Source 4 LED or Desire fixture is displaying "Please Start Software Download" ( and maybe I have already tried to update ...) and is not reacting to DMX input / outputting any light.

S4 Start Software.jpg

Explanation of Issue

This fixture is in Bootloader mode and waiting for the software to be pushed.


Update the fixtures software using Updaterator (see this article on how to do that) . If you have already updated the software and after power cycling at the end of the process it is showing this message (again), please re-apply the software update.


Please note that the software update will take a while and it is important not to disconnect the fixture's data or power cable during this process. Updaterator as well as the fixture's display is indicating the overall progress graphically.

S4 Beginning Download.jpg   S4 Download Progress.jpg


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